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Associate Professor
International Center for Science and Engineering Programs
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Waseda University


Current Courses

Calculus A: Single-variable Calculus (Fall Semester)
Calculus B: Multi-variable Calculus (Spring Semester)

Ordinary Differential Equations (Fall Semester)
Introduction to Computational Modelling (Fall Semester)
Partial Differential Equations (Spring Semester)
Nonlinear Dynamics (Spring Semester)


Research Interests
I am an applied mathematician undertaking research into nonlinear partial differential equations, employing a combination of analytical and numerical techniques in their study.  I am particularly interested in studying free boundary problems arising from thin film flows, including investigations of rupture phenomena and the effects of surface topography and driving forces upon the motion of the liquid.  Such problems often yield evolution equations for the interfacial film thickness in the form of high-order degenerate parabolic equations combined with additional convective effects.  In certain cases, the solutions to these equations may contain discontinuities; the selection criterion and stability of these ‘shocks’ is also both of mathematical and physical interest.

Keywords: applied mathematics, thin-films, fluid mechanics, free-boundary problems, asymptotic analysis, perturbation methods, scientific computing

Recent publications

Applied Analysis

Pressure-dipole solutions of the thin-film equation.
Euro. J. Appl. Math (2018), doi:10.1017/S095679251800013X, M. Bowen and T. P. Witelski.

Dynamics of a viscous thread on a non-planar substrate.
J. Eng. Math. (2013), 80:39-62, M. Bowen and J. R. King.

On self-similar thermal rupture of thin liquid sheets.
Phys. Fluids (2013), 25:102105, M. Bowen and B. Tilley.

Thermally induced van der Waals rupture of thin viscous fluid sheets.
Phys. Fluids (2012), 24:032106, M. Bowen and B. Tilley.

Teaching Theory

The Language of Mathematics: A Corpus-based Analysis of Research Article Writing in a Neglected Field.
Asian ESP Journal (2013), 9:5-25, L. Anthony and M. Bowen


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